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Welcome!  Whether you are looking for a place to worship, visiting from out of town or simply searching to learn more about God’s Word, we are glad you are here.
At the Medina Church of Christ, we:


- Study in context, not adding to or taking away from God's inspired word, the Bible.


- Believe the Bible answers the questions, “Who is God?” and “What has God done for all human beings?” – which can be summed up with grace.  The culmination of God’s grace came with the death of Jesus Christ.


- Believe the Bible also answers the question, “What does God expect from human beings?” – which can be summed up with obedience.


Please join us as we strive to help one another in our journey towards God as we pattern our lives in God’s will.

Our mission is to be Christians as prescribed by God's inspired Word.  To be humble servants about our Father's business sharing the good news of salvation through our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ.


295 Forest Meadows Drive
Medina, Ohio 44256


Sunday Bible Study - 9:30 AM
Sunday Morning Worship - 10:30 AM
Sunday Evening Worship - 6:00 PM
Wednesday Bible Study - 7:00 PM

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